Where do I begin?


Hi! Let me introduce myself. I’m Emily and a few years ago, I thought I’d be moving into a small Philadelphia apartment working for a big city newspaper covering stories that I believed would bring some good into the world. Jokes on me because as soon as I started seriously studying journalism in college, I hated it. Loathed it. Wanted to drop out of school to get away from it. After some toying around on the internet with my college roommate, who was pre-med at the time, we had a quick laugh about me becoming a nurse and never really spoke much about it after.

For whatever reason, that thought never left my mind. What if I became a nurse? What would happen to what I’ve done here? How would I even get there? After talking it over with my family and close friends, I stopped doubting myself and figured out what I would need to do to pursue a career I felt was better suited to me. Four and a half years later, I completed my first Bachelor’s of Arts degree in English literature (a passion I couldn’t let go of), simultaneously worked on prerequisite science courses, successfully finished an 18-month accelerated nursing program and received my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, moved 850 miles away from my entire support system in Southeastern Pennsylvania to live with my boyfriend in Nashville and now work full-time as a trauma trained step-down nurse at a major Nashville trauma center.

Looking back, it’s insane to me the amount of time and energy has gone into getting me where I am right now. Every little bit of it has been terrifying and exhilarating, mostly at the exact same time. The reason behind creating this blog is to offer support to my fellow new nurses and nurses who start their careers down the road as they begin their new exciting lives.

Nursing is scary. There’s a lot of pressure and a lot to learn without ever really feeling like there’s enough time. Hopefully, having someone whose been there can provide some comfort and assistance in making your way through the early days of nursing.